CS Engineer, Mythology geek. Writes free verses and write-ups from various perspectives. Also somewhat funny :)
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Ever seen a devil with a halo?

Angels that keep you warm

Suck your blood in slumber.

Bruises on your shoulder

That are rotten to your bones,

Smell like colitas to the frosts.

Heavy smoke from the crematory

Of your heart set on fire

Made even the demons shed tear.

A day of feast for the mercies

Gloom for the ruthless,

O hail the subtle mask over the face.

Gods ride their Pegasus,

Demons on their temptations.

Why is the latter lynched for a sinner?

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I saw the humans tremble with fear

Of a child that devours upon its roots,

The heavens above grieve the sun

With its stars forbidden from the moon,

And wailings of the undead below are buried

In the seething soil, heedless of the dread unknown

The vaunting monarchs who reign the Wests,

Slain in thrones with their own blades of wisdom.

Death parts no mortal; no elysian fields for the braves,

No reverence endowed to the mighty gods of the Eastern.

Life is reborn within the cradle forged from my bones

A sprout kindled with oblivion and chaos

That seeks answers even for the self;

Genesis of the beginning, a rite of the nature.

I’m Time, the endless that bore the existence.

The blinding lights of temptation

Photo by Jeremy Lishner on Unsplash

I was wandering around the forest of temptations beguiled by the fancy odd daffodils and the silver lining on the river of sins, it felt so real with every nudge of the serene breeze that sent chills down my spine but the vision seemed highly gnomic, almost paradoxical. I tripped…

A war cry for change

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I’m a girl, Should I be sorry for that?

Pardon me, but SORRY seems like an old friend in disguise.

Almost a part of the body that I barely own to myself and over time it got assimilated in my blood and veins. I wish I could turn back the…

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I carved a coffin to my soul

And gave a pendant to my shadow

I made friends with the darkness,

the graveyard borrowed some sorrow.

My scars fuddled me from within,

Skin dipping from the heat of my blood.

Glasses shattered, screamed for mercy,

Cobwebs moulded me a shroud.

I sobbed in the arms of a monster

With beasts around intrigued by my fear.

I wasn’t lonely anymore, I never was

It was light that made me weaker.

Photo by Kat J on Unsplash

I remember mopping the mist off my glasses, wailing and weeping caged up in my little secluded room. Not living up to the loud expectations and lousy desires heaved up on my pale shoulders, crippled up my slender body grueling it to break into pieces with each of them fading…

Deb Adarsh

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